Our Story

ORIC was established in 2014 with a bold vision of Overcoming Resistance in Cancer.

Resistance limits the efficacy of otherwise significant cancer treatment breakthroughs, regardless of modality. Our ambition at ORIC is to discover and develop innovative therapies that benefit patients with cancer, including by making existing therapies more effective for a longer period of time.

Our initial project was a small molecule antagonist of the glucocorticoid receptor (GR), which has been implicated in resistance to various treatment modalities—including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and anti-hormonal therapy—and across multiple cancers. The resulting product candidate, ORIC-101, is now being studied in clinical trials for a range of solid tumors.

ORIC-101 and other pipeline programs are a result of rigorous, hands-on experimentation and medicinal chemistry efforts led by our internal team of scientists in biology, medicinal chemistry, DMPK and translational medicine, with assistance from academic collaborators and continued guidance from our founders and board members. This collective team maintains an unwavering focus on improving the lives of patients by tackling the problem of cancer treatment resistance.